BE Industrial (200 m², max 30p.)

In the ‘BE Industrial’ loft, the industrial look and feel were kept and brought back to life. A wine bar is the finishing touch and facilitates networking. The loft is perfectly suited for meetings, but also for networking events or seminars where you can have an after-work chat at the bar.

BE Design (240 m², max 20p.)

‘BE Design’ is a stylish loft with a cosy atmosphere. The 240 m² loft is spacious and offers a modern fully equipped kitchen, a lounge area and a multifunctional relax- and meeting space.

Breakout (75 m², max 10p.)

‘Breakout’ is about settling down on the go. This space has an industrial and cosy atmosphere at a large meeting table. This room provides you with inspiration and oxygen, enabling new ideas and insights.

Roots (375 m² + 150m², max 60p. with limited parking spaces)

Our newest space has an area of no less than 375m² + 150m² and a large authentic and cozy outdoor bar. The bar inside the sea container is the eyecather of the industrial space and the perfect place to talk to your team or guests.